Website Building – Introduction

February 28, 2012 | by Attaporn Ungsriwong | posted in Website Building Journal

Hi, everybody.

First of all, I’d like to introduce a little of myself and about this journal.

Before any guru or website expert blast in and yell at me about fundamental web coding, construction and architecture, I’d like to tell that I graduated as architect not programmer or computer scientist. All of the things that I’m going to write are my methods and techniques in website building, which came from my adaptation and implementation from text books, tutorial sites, a lot of blogs and personal experiences ( many trials and errors ), which is, somehow, they may be the unorthodox.

Purpose of this journal is to introduces concepts, methods and some of techniques to any person who interested in website creation from a scratch. If you’re an professional website programmer, this journal may be useless to you. But, if you have better ideas or processes, do not hesitate to comment. This journal aims to describe the overall process in website construction. Because, when I started to study about website creation I found that many ‘how to’ books teach you only the basic usage of the tools in website creation but no further instruction about many crucial elements in website creation such as, navigation design, layout composition, site structuring, code structuring etc.

You’ll find that this journal consists of the ways to approach website project from the beginning to the closing of it. But, no, I’m not going to write about every bits of html, javascript, PHP or usage of CMS. (To be honest, that’s not possible. I can’t do that.) The things that I want to tell you are the things that you should concern when you create website from planning, design and implementation.

I hope that, in the end of the journal, anyone who read this will have better understanding in website creation and improve their skill in website creation.

posted in Website Building Journal